A Guide for the Slightly Freaked-Out Family Members & Significant Others of New Teachers

An instructor’s rookie year is one of stress and high stakes – so much so that many teachers admit to crying in the car that at some point during their first year on the job. Ever since an NPR story about this phenomenon discussed my free, one-month series of emails meant to coach these teachers through the toughest month of their first year, I’ve been hearing from new teachers who — you guessed it — have been crying in their cars. But I’ve also heard from another group that I hadn’t anticipated: family members and significant others of new teachers. (more…)

Sign Up Five Friends. Win Six Signed Books.

Time to celebrate. The holidays are coming, which means a much-needed chance to plug your mental batteries into their chargers. On my end, I’ve been writing some new material I’m excited to share in 2018, so it seems like a good time to try my first-ever book raffle. Here’s the plan.


Teacher Time & Energy Are Finite Resources

Two of the most finite resources in education are teacher time and energy. If you want to pay for something high quality, you know you need to find the resources in your budget. It helps to think of time and energy in the same way.


How to Slow Down Your “Teaching Treadmill”

New teachers often hit the ground running at the beginning of the year. Their response to each challenge is to push harder, aim higher, run faster. What they can’t do today they over-promise for tomorrow, committing to pizza parties, nightly parent phone calls, and behavior management plans that require hours of after-school paperwork. Each of these notches the treadmill a bit higher. But it’s for the kids, right? So it’s worth it, right? Until you’re out of breath. When good intentions aren’t enough to keep up, how do you slow down so you don’t fall off? (more…)

Table of Contents for SEE ME AFTER CLASS

This is the table of contents for See Me After Class: Advice for Teachers by Teachers. I do workshops on all of these topics – and combinations of these topics. To inquire about speaking availability and fees, please email roxannaelden@gmail.com. (more…)