Ten Lessons All Teachers Hope Students Will Learn from Us

No matter what subject we teach, there are certain lessons we hope students learn from us so they can become happy, successful, good people. These ten principles are in my book… and on my classroom wall. If you’re looking for something to post in your own classroom, you can use these as a starting point, and edit to best reflect your own values.

Ten Principles of Successful Living

  1. Be where you’re supposed to be, on time and prepared.
  2. Follow all steps of directions.
  3. Think for yourself, and do the right thing even when no one’s watching.
  4. Think about the future and how your present actions affect it.
  5. Take responsibility for your decisions.
  6. Search for solutions instead of complaining about problems.
  7. Show respect and expect respect back.
  8. Present yourself as an intelligent person.
  9. Produce a finished product that won’t need any explaining.
  10. Put more into the world than you take out.

© Roxanna Elden


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