Poem: My Biggest Test

This came from a creative writing assignment I did with my class: Students can write whatever they want, but the title must be “My Biggest Test.” Bonus points for NOT writing about the %&%&$% state exam.

Here’s my poem. Does this have anything to do with teaching? You decide.

They say the journey of a thousand miles
Begins with a single step
Yet here I am 900 miles in
And I’m a mess
One point left to pass my biggest test
Immobilized on the doorstep of success

I’ve been following one yellow brick at a time
Letting the road lead the way
And now I’m at the door
And don’t know what to say
Worried the Wizard of Oz
Will laugh and turn me away

People keep telling me to
But I forgot how
I’ve been waiting years for one moment

And it’s now.