Disillusionment: The Mentor Edition (New Teacher Center)

If you are familiar with Ellen Moir’s widely circulated Phases of First-Year Teaching – or if you have experience mentoring beginning teachers – you already know what season it is. The disillusionment phase, which falls roughly between Halloween and Thanksgiving, is the time frame during which new teachers are most likely to burst into tears in public, type up resignation letters “just in case,” or fantasize about driving off a bridge on the way to work.

Rookies with the type of high quality mentor teachers provided by The New Teacher Center are the lucky ones.

Yet this season is no picnic for mentor teachers, either. The disillusionment phase is when new teachersare most likely to respond to your well-meaning suggestions with defensiveness, attitude, or a series of dejected “uh-huh”s. This post on the NTC blog shares a few tips for mentors to keep in mind as you guide newbies through November.