Table of Contents for SEE ME AFTER CLASS

This is the table of contents for See Me After Class: Advice for Teachers by Teachers. I do workshops on all of these topics – and combinations of these topics. To inquire about speaking availability and fees, please email

  1. What This Book Is . . . and Is Not
  2. The Ten Things You Will Wish Someone Had Told You Earlier
  3. First Daze
  4. Maintaining and Regaining Your Sanity, One Month at a Time
  5. Piles and Files: Organization and Time Management
  6. Your Teacher Personality: Faking It, Making
  7. Classroom Management: Easier Said Than Done
  8. Popular Procedures That (Probably) Prevent Problems
  9. The Due-Date Blues: When High Expectations Meet Low Motivation
  10. No Child Left . . . Yeah, Yeah, You Know: Different Types of Students and What Each Type Needs from You
  11. Parents: The Other Responsible Adult
  12. The Teacher’s Lounge: Making It Work with the People You Work With
  13. Please Report to the Principal’s Office
  14. Stressin’ About Lessons
  15. Observation Information
  16. Testing, Testing
  17. Grading Work Without Hating Work
  18. Moments We’re Not Proud Of
  19. Dos and Don’ts for Helping New Teachers in Your School
  20. Making Next Year Better

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