Answers to your Questions about Writing Classes (and Writing Life)

This post is where you’ll find answers to reader questions from my 12-day email series summarizing 12 years of the Miami Writers Institute. I’ll be adding to this post on a rolling basis as new questions come in. For now, here are some starter questions with resources you may find helpful. 

Do you have a list of books that you’ve categorized with serial-killer-like precision on Goodreads? And, if so, does it include a category with books about the craft of writing and a category with books about writing lifeYes I do, and yes it does. Don’t judge.

What is that TV Tropes website that some of the emails linked to? is a site where TV writers (and others) share writing tricks in a style similar to Wikipedia entries. Visually, the site doesn’t look like much, but it’s easy to become obsessed with if you’re the type who finds yourself going into analytic writing-nerd mode while watching movies. How do you know if this is you? Let’s say you recently watched a popular movie like, oh, I don’t know. . . Black Panther. If you sat back and enjoyed this movie simply because it was a great movie and fun to watch, you’re free to go. If you found yourself comparing the plot points and characters to other movies, or trying to guess what was going on in the writers’ heads, you’re one of us. Click here and scroll down to read the tropes.

Hey, I want to ask a question and have it answered in this post! How do I do that?

Glad you asked. Here’s the link to the survey.

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