Author: roxannaelden

Rescuing Your Ideas from the Good-Intentions Abyss

Early in my teaching career, a colleague told me about her plan to give every one of her students a personalized card on their birthday. What a wonderful way to show students she cared! I decided that I, too, would be the type of teacher who gave out birthday cards to students. I bought the… Read more »

Adjusting Your Teaching Dials

Is this the right moment to show compassion by allowing a student to turn in that late assignment? Or would a tough-love approach teach them to be responsible about deadlines? Should you follow that interesting topic that came up organically or stick to your lesson plan? How much of your class time should be devoted… Read more »

The Personal Lives of Teachers (Or: The Personal Lives? Of Teachers?)

When I wrote my most recent novel, Adequate Yearly Progress, I wanted it to be different from most of the stories I had read or seen about teachers before. Probably none of us is ever our whole self at work—we want to seem like Competent Professionals, after all—but in the same way we can be… Read more »