Parent Communication Tips for Young Teachers

Ten years from now, you’ll love it when people assume you’re young. You’ll smile when a bartender asks you for ID, and if a student’s mother says you look like a college student, it will take everything in your power not to hug her. Not this year, though. As a young, beginning teacher, comments about your age seem like thinly veiled doubts about whether you know what you’re doing. You’ve spent months dodging questions from kids about how long you’ve been teaching. The last thing you want is for a parent to describe you as adorable, or call you “sweetie” during a conference.


Five Mistakes NOT to Make After a Bad Day of Teaching


If you’ve had a bad day recently—or even a string of bad days—you’re not alone. It’s important to find ways to nurse yourself back to mental health when necessary. Equally important, though, is knowing what not to do. Start by avoiding the five common mistakes below, which can make a bad day even worse.