The Maintain and Stay Sane Program for Teachers

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Make it through the toughest stretch of the year. Be a better and happier teacher on the other side.

The program includes:

  • 6 Sections of Self-Paced Video Lessons and Activities that can be completed in one week each
  • Workbooks for each section
  • Lifetime Access to Course Materials
  • Unlimited email support until January 20, 2024.

“This is the kind of no-nonsense straight talk that teachers are starved for and too rarely get.” 

-Praise for See Me After Class: Advice for Teachers by Teachers, in Education Week

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You’ve always wanted to be a great teacher, but you’re not happy with the way things are going in your classroom right now. Your best ideas are slipping into the Good-Intentions Abyss. You fall asleep on the couch on Friday afternoon and wake up Saturday morning with your shoes still on. You’re wondering if it’s even possible to be a good teacher and a happy person at the same time. 
  • Much of the advice you received in teacher training was good, but it’s also easier to give than to implement. When things go wrong, the last thing you want is to hear 101-level advice repeated again. You’re looking for an answer to your real questions: “Why isn’t this working for me?” and “How can I make it work?”
  • You sometimes feel like screaming, This is all the time and energy I have! Can someone please tell me what I should really spend it on?! It’s not just that there is so much coming at you. It’s that so much of it feels urgent, morally-tinged, and career-making-or-breaking. And if it all really is that important, what does it mean if you can’t keep up? You want things narrowed down. You want to know what to do next.
  • You’d like help becoming the teacher you’ve always hoped to be, but you don’t want to risk embarrassing yourself or hurting your career. It can be hard to turn to colleagues when classroom difficulties are sapping your confidence. You may be worried about damaging your reputation within the school. Or that the person you’re talking to has a split loyalty or conflicting agenda.  Or that you’ll get the dreaded (and thoroughly obnoxious) response, “Well, that would never happen in my class.” 

“I was feeling horrible about myself and beginning to wonder if I was really called to be a teacher. Your emails gave me hope during this awful period of time! I laughed a bit, cried a lot, and most importantly, I felt completely validated. I think you read my mind in some of them! Your words also helped (and are still helping) me explain to others what I am feeling and going through. So, thank you again for sharing your words of hope and validation!” 

-Reader comment from The Disillusionment Power Pack email series.

Imagine how it would feel to…

  • Get closer to the teacher you imagined being when you chose this career.
  • Feel like teaching is a job you’re constantly getting better at—not a “calling” you’re constantly failing at.
  • Get practical, nuanced guidance that picks up where 101-level advice teaching advice leaves off.

The hardest stretches of a tough school year don’t define your career. It is possible to get closer to the teacher you want to be and make teaching a sustainable career. I’ve spent nearly two decades working with teachers and would love to help you along the way.

Meet Your Instructor

Hi! I’m Roxanna Elden. I was a National Board Certified public-school teacher for eleven years and have written two books about teaching, See Me After Class: Advice for Teachers by Teachers and Adequate Yearly Progress: A Novel

I also created the New Teacher Disillusionment Power Pack, a free, one-month series of emails that has helped tens of thousands of teachers through the rough stretches of their early careers. (The series was featured on NPR in a series tellingly entitled, “Hey, New Teachers, It’s Okay to Cry In Your Car.”) 

The Maintain and Stay Sane program condenses the lessons I’ve learned from virtual 1:1 sessions with teachers, eight years of feedback from readers of The Disillusionment Power Pack, and two decades of writing and speaking on teaching-related topics.

There is so much advice for teachers about how to best serve students. And, this, of course, is important. But teachers are also humans doing a job. This program serves teachers in my favorite form: the sometimes-heroic but often-flawed human beings doing a complex job that nobody has quite figured out yet.

Here are a few of the outlets that have featured my work.

Curriculum Overview

This course combines video lessons with structured support to guide teachers through the toughest stretch of the school year, leaving them stronger and saner on the other side. 

Each week, for six weeks, I’ll release a new batch of videos and share suggested action items via email. You’ll also have unlimited email support until December 1. (For U.S.-based teachers, that’s enough to get you to and through Thanksgiving break.)

If you sign up now  you’ll have access to the first week of curriculum immediately—and you’ll get a few early enrollment bonuses.  You’ll also have lifetime access to the course material in all its iterations. 

Course Outline

Section 1: Patching up the Roof Before You Fix the Floors

These activities will help you feel less overwhelmed by your current situation and better able to take in the information as it comes. 

Section 2: Managing Your Emotional Rubber Band

Conserving your own emotional energy is an underrated job skill for teachers. In this section, you’ll do a quick audit of ways you might be making yourself miserable without realizing it. Then you’ll make an intentional plan to help you protect your mood—and find some extra grace when your rubber band is near its breaking point.

Section 3: Turning down the Treadmill so You Can Keep Up

In this section, you’ll organize your non-instructional time in a realistic way. You’ll get more of your responsibilities on autopilot so you can spend more time on your highest priorities. And you’ll identify and avoid to-do list traps, helping you get closer to a list of things that are actually doable—and then done.

Section 4: Streamlining Your Day-to-Day Lesson Planning

In this section, you’ll use the Lesson Planning Triangle and done-for-you tools to give more structure to your day, year, and routines.

Section 5: Working? Well . . . With Others

This section will help you form your onsite team, choose your board of advisors, set boundaries when needed, and maybe even make some work friends.

Section 6: Processing Advice and Information

It’s not that the advice you’re hearing is wrong, exactly—although sometimes it is. It’s more that it’s all easier said than done, more complicated than it sounds, and sometimes has hidden pitfalls. In this section, you’ll learn a system for processing advice, plus steps to make theoretically good advice work  in practice.

Wrap-up: Adjusting Your Dials to Get Closer to the Teacher You Hope to Be

People constantly tell you to choose your battles in teaching. What they don’t tell you is that some of the battles not worth fighting are with yourself. This section will help you identify your natural strengths and build a teaching style that uses those strengths to work around weak points.

The result: Make it through a difficult stretch in your career and emerge as a stronger and happier teacher.

“I never realized I worry about the big things but am really haunted by the little things. You gave so much perspective and helpful, supportive advice.”

– New Teacher, Daly City, CA

Course Experience

Onboarding and Goal Setting

As soon as you join, you’ll go through an onboarding process (self-paced) so I can learn more about your starting point, your goals, and any other info that will help me personalize your experience. This is also a chance for you to reflect on your own goals for the program.

Immediate Access to All Finalized Sections of Curriculum

You’ll have immediate access to the orientation section, onboarding process, and the first three sections of the curriculum. (The other three sections will be finalized every two weeks between now and mid-December, and you’ll get unlimited email support until one month after the final section is released.)

Unlimited email support until January 20, 2024

Between now and January 20, 2024, If you have a question about anything, you’ll submit it to me and receive a response by email or an emailed video link within 48 weekday hours. (Unlimited support lasts 30 days after the final section drops.)

Available Add-On Support

At any time, you can book a 25-minute 1:1 check-in call directly from your program dashboard. These check-in sessions will soon be available only to program participants.

Ditch the Disillusionment for $99


The ideal participant for this program is a teacher with dedication, critical thinking skills, and the end-goal of being an excellent teacher without burning out.

This program might be a fit for you if: 

  • You have already been trained in the basics of teaching and don’t need 101-level advice repeated. 
  • You crave advice that is practical, nuanced, and emotionally honest. This program is designed to be as free as possible from cliches, hot takes, buzzwords, and thought trends. I will never tell you to “Try making it fun!” as if this was a solution you had never thought of,  or remind you that “It’s really about the kids!” as if that was the motivator you’ve been missing.  And, even if this class weren’t online, I would never make you participate in a group cheer. That being said, I hope you will find this course motivating and inspiring in its own way. You’ll have to be the judge.
  • You still have the end goal of being a great teacher—or at least a good teacher with moments of greatness. You hold yourself to a high standard and are sometimes hard on yourself, but you also believe that teaching at its best is a goal worth working toward.
  • You value your privacy. You don’t want to raise your hand in a meeting and talk about your worst days as a teacher. Some problems are best addressed by a person  who doesn’t work for your district, answer to your principal, or eat lunch in your teachers’ lounge.

“Holy CRAP was this ever written by a teacher!”

-One of my favorite Goodreads reviews of Adequate Yearly Progress: A Novel

This program is probably not a great fit if: 

  • You’re in training to be a teacher but haven’t started yet. Good luck! (And I may have a program for you in the future!) But this course is for people who are currently teaching and have a sense of exactly which aspects of their training aren’t quite working as advertised.
  • You’re looking for help transitioning out of teaching. If you’ve already decided teaching is not for you, there is no shame in changing careers. But you probably won’t find the type of advice you’re looking for in this program.
  • “The starfish story” or another viewing of your favorite hero-teacher movie is all the inspiration you need.  The good news is you’re probably in the majority; these movies are way more popular than anything I’ve ever written about teaching. But this will be a better fit if you’re wondering why the teachers in inspirational movies only have one class and never seem to grade any papers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a current K-12 teacher to take the course? What about college-level teachers? Or student teachers? Or people who want to be teachers?

This course is for people who are currently teaching any subject at any level. College is fine. Student teaching is fine. And it’s fine to take the course if you are on a break within your teaching career. You should, however, be at least one day into your experience as an educator. If you haven’t stood in front of your first classroom yet, this course won’t be a match. (But a future course might, so stay tuned!)

How long do I keep access to the course?

You have lifetime access to the course material—with the slight disclaimer that “lifetime” refers to the lifetime of the course. As long as the course is available, you will have access to the material in all its iterations.

I’m already so busy! How much of a time commitment are we talking about here?

You’ll be working at your own pace and will have lifetime access to the course so you can split up the material as you see fit. However, the videos and activities in this program are designed so you could complete them in about two hours per week over a course of six weeks. Email reminders go out on Saturday mornings, because the morning after a full night of sleep is often when you’re in the best headspace to think strategically.  Additionally, some of the lessons will help you find more time in your week; my hope is that this course  will “pay for itself” in saved time.

Will I need to buy any materials?

The only thing you’ll be required to buy for this course is a comfortable pair of shoes—if you’re teaching in shoes that hurt, nothing in this course can help you. 

Additionally, I’ll be using a large, blank desk calendar in one of the demo videos and you may wish you had one too. But there will also be a link to a free alternative.

What tech will I need to know how to use?

Forms will be shared as Google Docs. Beyond that, all tech should be pretty intuitive, and you can contact me for any support you need.

How does the unlimited email support work? 

Between your start date and December 1, 2023, If you have a question about anything, you’ll submit it to me and receive a response by email or an emailed video link within 48 weekday hours. There are no limits to how many times you can get in touch with questions. I am here for you and happy to hear from you. 

Will there be group calls or an online community?

Not at this time, but can let me know if you would find either of these options helpful in the future. (Existing course members will have at least two months of access to any type of support that is added.)

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes. You can request a full refund within 14 days of the program start date. You’ll find more details below in the pricing section.

Can I get professional development credit for this from my school or district?

Not for this course. Over the past two decades, I’ve done countless sessions and keynotes speeches for school districts and educator conferences. There are also many districts that give my guidebook, See Me After Class: Advice for Teachers by Teachers, to all incoming teachers and use it as a book study for PD credit. But this course focuses on topics that are better addressed by someone who only answers to you, the individual teacher. 

My biggest issue is classroom management, but I don’t see a section about that. Why?

There is no section on classroom management because everything in this course relates to classroom management. Being able to keep up with your routines relates to classroom management. Managing your own emotional rubberband relates to classroom management. Knowing which colleagues and administrators to turn to in an emergency relates to classroom management. And knowing how to process advice and information, much of which relates to classroom management, definitely relates to classroom management.

How can I get in touch if I still have questions?

Please email me with any questions at

Pricing and Next Steps

To recap: The Maintain and Stay Sane program combines video lessons with structured support to guide teachers through the toughest stretch of the school year.

The first wave of the program officially starts on Saturday, October 14. Each week, for six weeks, I’ll release a new batch of videos and share suggested action items via email. 

You’ll also have unlimited email support until December 1, 2023.  (For U.S.-based teachers, that’s enough to get you to and through Thanksgiving break.)

The course is $99. You’ll get lifetime access to the course along with any future updates. 

When you join, you’ll unlock…

  • 6 sections of self-paced video curriculum and activities
  • Workbooks to guide you through each section
  • Lifetime access to the curriculum, including future updates
  • Unlimited email support until December 1, 2023
  • Available add-on support sessions available only to program participants

14-Day Full Refund Guarantee

The goal of this program is to serve teachers. Period. 

As part of that commitment, I want to make sure you’re not stuck in the program if it turns out not to be right for you.

If you find that this program is not a good fit within the first two weeks, you can email to request a full refund. Any reason is fine. Refunds are generally processed within five business days.

If this all sounds like it would be a fit for you, here’s the link to get started:

Maintain and Stay Sane

If you experience any technical difficulties, you can use this link to the checkout page.