Roxanna Elden is an educator, author, speaker, and mom – not necessarily in that order. Every year, her humor, honesty, and practical advice help thousands of new teachers transition from training to the classroom.

Her first book, See Me After Class, combines stories and advice from teachers around the country in a funny, honest, and immediately practical guidebook. Says Elden, “I wanted to write a book that teachers could pick up after a long week, finish over the weekend, and walk in Monday morning a better teacher. Not perfect, but better.” The book, now in its second edition, is widely used as a tool for teacher training and retention.

In both writing and speaking, Elden pushes aside the sugar-coated Hollywood storyline (and the hero-author role that comes with it) to offer a more honest brand of inspiration. She acknowledges teaching is not like the movies, deals head on with the many frustrations that can derail good teachers, and helps teachers break through to those moments that make the challenges worthwhile.

Ms. Elden’s advice has been featured on NPR, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and a host of other news outlets. She also speaks around the country, providing training and support for teachers and the people who love them.

She is at her best after at least two cups of coffee.