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Can You Break Grammar and Punctuation Rules and Still be a Good Writer?

Can you break the rules that your English teachers have spent years of sweat and tears reinforcing and still be a good writer? As much as I hate to say yes… It’s possible. And when it works, it works very, very well. Here are three examples of authors who have broken the rules of grammar and punctuation… Read more »

Three Answers to the Question, “So, How Do I Get Published?”

At the end of my creative writing workshops, sometimes with only fifteen minutes left of the final class, someone inevitably asks, “So, how do we get our work published?” People also ask this question when they find out that I am the big-time sm medium-time author of the breakaway, international bestseller moderately successful book See Me After Class:… Read more »

Self-Editing Tips for Writers

These self-editing tips are based collectively on submissions from my high school classes and adult creative writing workshops. These are not things you need to worry about while you’re writing. They are meant to help turn a first draft into a second draft. In other words, get the words onto the paper first. That’s the… Read more »