Teacher Time and Energy Are Finite Resources

Two of the most finite resources in education are teacher time and energy. If you want to pay for something high quality, you know you need to find the resources in your budget. It helps to think of time and energy in the same way.

Just like money, time can be borrowed. It can be wasted, overdrawn, or stolen from others. And it’s not equally valuable in every situation. That’s because teachers, like other humans, have certain hours of the day at which they are most productive, most creative, most able to muscle through a stack of essays with at least some amount of heart. The moments in which you have both time and energy are the rarest, and therefore the most valuable. With this in mind, there are two basic ways to approach any task.

“I want to do this really, really well. How much time and energy will that take, and where will that time and energy come from?”

“This task only deserves a certain amount of time and energy. I will spend that amount of time and energy on it. Then I’m done.”

Both options are fine. Just be honest with yourself about which one you’re choosing.

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