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ADEQUATE YEARLY PROGRESS is a workplace novel that captures teaching with humor, insight, and heart. It switches perspectives among a diverse group of educators as their professional lives impact their personal lives and vice versa. (Kind of like the TV show The Office, but set in an urban high school.)

SEE ME AFTER CLASS: ADVICE FOR TEACHERS BY TEACHERS is a funny, honest, practical guide with tips and stories from experienced teachers around the country.

ROXANNA ELDEN is the author of, most recently, Adequate Yearly Progress: A Novel. She combines eleven years of experience as a public school teacher with a decade of speaking to audiences around the country about education issues. Her first book, See Me After Class: Advice for Teachers by Teachers, is a staple in school districts and educator training programs, and her work has been featured on NPR as well as in the New York Times, The Washington Post, the Atlantic, Education Week, and many other outlets. You can learn more about her work at: