Non-fiction Books Listed in the Acknowledgments of Adequate Yearly Progress

Even though Adequate Yearly Progress is a novel, it owes a big debt to work by journalists and memoirists – so much so that there’s a list of non-fiction books listed in the acknowledgments. You’ll find the complete list below. Some of the books are specifically education-related, some not. All are well-written, informative, and worth a read if you’re interested in the topics they cover. (more…)

Writing “Don’ts” from Top Authors

Recently I condensed my notes from 12 years of courses at the Miami Writers Institute and 12 years of building my own writing career into 12 days of emails. The notes from these courses contained many gems on the “do’s” of writing. But what about the “don’ts?” Some of the most interesting thoughts on writing – the pet peeves, the off-the-cuff comments – showed up in a simple search for the word “don’t.” Here are some things that top authors think you should definitely NOT DO. (more…)