3 Toxic Teacher To-Do List Mistakes

Toxic Teacher To-Do List Mistakes (And How to Fix Them)

Staring at an infinite to-do list can take a toll on your motivation. But I don’t have to tell you that. Here are a few sticking points that might be making your list unmanageable. Plus, how to get (closer to) a list of things that are actually doable—and then done.


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Sometimes, you need to talk to someone now—or as close to now as possible. While I can’t always guarantee an immediate session, I try to accommodate these whenever I can. You can book as little as 15 minutes in advance, and the price is the same as a regular session. However, the bookings are by phone only and do require approval. If I can make it to a session at the time you have chosen, you’ll get an approval notification and I will call you at the scheduled time. If not, I’ll get in touch as soon as possible to see if we can schedule another time that works for both of us. If we can’t find a time to connect soon, your fee will be fully refunded.


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See Me After Class Office Hours are confidential Zoom or phone sessions tailored to any teaching-related topic you want to talk about. They’re a chance to receive individualized feedback from someone who has spent nearly two decades cutting through clichés about teaching to offer honesty, nuance, and practical advice. During certain times of the year, I’m able to offer free 20-minute initial consultations. That information becomes available at this link and is also announced to newsletter subscribers.