Want a “signed” copy of Adequate Yearly Progress? Here’s what to do.

If this page is still live and you’ve found your way to it, that means I’m still sending out signed stickers for recently-purchased copies of Adequate Yearly Progress: A Novel. The truth is I love getting these requests. It’s been a delight and honor to “autograph” books for readers in over 40 different states – and to read your emails about what brought you to the book, or who’s getting it as a gift and why.To get a signed sticker, please send any proof of purchase to aypnovel@gmail.com. Please include your mailing address and any information about what you’d like written on the sticker. Thanks again for the support and all the great reviews!

P.S. You can also do this for See Me After Class: Advice for Teachers by Teachers and Rudy’s New Human, as long as you’ve purchased them in the past three months.