The Personal Lives of Teachers (Or: The Personal Lives? Of Teachers?)

When I wrote my most recent novel, Adequate Yearly Progress, I wanted it to be different from most of the stories I had read or seen about teachers before. Probably none of us is ever our whole self at work—we want to seem like Competent Professionals, after all—but in the same way we can be cagey in our culture about discussing the ways in which parenthood can be deeply challenging, I’ve always thought that media depictions in particular never leave enough space to talk about how teachers’ personal lives impact their teaching, and vice versa.

“Personal life? What’s a personal life?” you just asked, with a knowing, bitter laugh.


Maybe classroom difficulties are sapping your confidence. Maybe some combination of exhaustion and a never-done to-do list makes you wonder when you’ll have time to meet and date people, or whether your existing relationships and friendships will last, or whether you’ll have time to spend with your own kids. But also, maybe the school bell is about to ring in three minutes to start yet another day, and you don’t have time for existential questions right now.

Rare is the teacher who can walk into class at her best the day after a messy breakup, or who can fully leave behind a chaotic day of teaching when he goes home. It may be that your real question is about finding ways to enjoy teaching more so you can be a happier person—or, on the flip side, addressing a personal problem that’s finding its way into your classroom so you can become a better teacher.

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