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Office Hours are confidential Zoom or phone sessions tailored to any teaching-related topic you want to talk about. Here is a more detailed explanation of See Me After Class Office Hours and how they work.

To book a single session, select a date from the calendar below and then click on the time slot that works. You can also find information on half-length sessions, short-notice sessions, and discounted 3-session packages on the official See Me After Class Office Hours page. If you experience any technical difficulties, you can also try this direct link to the booking page.

The New Teacher Disillusionment Power Pack

The Disillusionment Power Pack is a series of the emails I would send back in time to myself as a first-year teacher. Tens of thousands of teachers have now signed up for the series, with a new wave of beginners signing up each year. NPR covered the series in a story written by a former teacher, tellingly entitled, “Hey, New Teachers, It’s OK to Cry in Your Car.” You can learn more about the Disillusionment Power Pack here or sign up below.

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The Disillusionment Power Pack is a free one-month series of emails meant to help teachers through the hardest part of their first year.

It gets better. But until then, these emails should help.